IP Telephony and VoIP

Whether your communications solution spans multiple sites or is serving one location, we identify every degree of risk. We plan and manage every detail of your deployment with a single point of accountability. 4MS Program Managers closely watch the project time line, resolving any technology and security risks before they become crises. The team is backed by our long-established Management that promotes proven, best-in-breed methodologies and tools.
Before Solution Deployment our engineers validate the solution, design and function

Pre-deployment activities establish clear objectives and validate that the solution design is functional and viable within your environment and interoperable with other business components. 4MS addresses the needs of individual stakeholders, reaching a common understanding for the entire implementation. Finally, we assess the readiness of your network for voice or video over IP, identifying and correcting areas that could impact solution performance.

Once a deployment is under-way, significant resources are needed to bring complex, multi-site projects to completion. From kick off to cut-over, your 4MS team coordinates tasks, communicates progress, and mitigates the risks of cost overruns, scheduling delays, and extended periods of downtime.

Once a solution is implemented, 4MS will perform application and integration testing and pre-production stress testing to help assure the solution performs as designed. User adoption services identify and segment end users according to how the solution best supports them. Expanding users’ knowledge of capabilities helps assure solutions are used as planned. Established metrics ultimately pinpoint how well the solution is benefiting users and achieving ROI.

At 4MS we know that reliable communications and high availability of systems are crucial to any successful business.  With 4MS planning your migration/integration from legacy PBX systems to IP Telephony and VoIP you can be assured that your business communications are in safe hands.