TechHuddle Feb 2017

Following on from our very successful Security event in 2016 we are pleased to announce the first of our Cisco TechHuddle 2017 briefings.

Rob P.
A high level overview of Cisco’s strategy arounf Digitisation and Digital enablement. I’ll touch on the Cisco DRN campaign and DNA architecture, our move to a more software / annuity / recurring revenue business model and our view of the importance of Security.
Dave Goff.
Dave will give a more detailed overview of our Digital Ready Network (DRN) campaign and will go into some detail on the Digital Network Architecture (DNA)
Paul Edwards.
Paul will be speaking about our software and licensing strategy, and will specifically cover CiscoONE, Enterprise License Agreements (ELAs) and Smart Accounts
Oliver Wong.
Ollie will cover our security strategy including some of our key acquisitions, the overall security landscape, and our Before, During and After (BDA) model.

Venue: TBA

Who should attend:-
ICT department heads and engineers